Monday, June 16, 2014


Monday, June 9, 2014

Softrobotics BABYBE

BABYBE is the worlds first softrobotic company for premature healthcare

Prodigy in Cork Irland

I think you are blessed in cork ! Just a day after my birthday my favourite band overthere !

BABYBE Mattress

Yeah BABYBEs mattress just amazing material

Future of Desktop CNC & 3D Printing

Wow this handy cnc & 3d printer machine made in chian is just 900 Euro. We saw it in action
its working great, mutch better then any Makerbot 2 I started to hat becasue of shitty quality.
But this machien just rocks... actually for one Makerboots you can buy 2 of them !
400x 200x70 mmm is more than enough space !!!!!!

BABYBE Made from Chile & Stuttgart with Love !, Raphael Lang Camilo Anabalon

Its art make PCBs

3D Circuit Boards PCBS

First time on the MEDTEC in STuttgart I saw this amazing new technology 3D Circuit boards, wow

Finall Assambling BABYBE

Well back in Germany its time for finall assamlbing hte whole batch of BABYBE Devices.
Its a challange set up all device work perfectly (:-)

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