Monday, February 20, 2012

Project OASIS / Fog Collector-Windturbine

Fog Collector/ Windturbine - Sturmmaschine 01R

The last 6 months I develop a new kind of Windturbine that produce energy and also harvest 10-100 liter water a night from the desert fog which is quiet dense in the namibia desert. The Windturbine is mounted behind the fog collector
mesch and produce 100-400 Watt a day. Overall this machine produce enough energy and water to support a family with 4 persons in the dessert comunity.
The collector is made of aluminum and standart parts so easy to transport & service. The coast for the material is arround 300 Euros not much for arround  900 kW/Year and arround 20.000 Liter Water a year. The folk of the Namib will be independend from using fuel for there powergenerators  buying batteries and from the goverment water supply which they have to pay for almost 1/4 of theire income. To produce this low-tech technology can be also a job generator to produce small system for other rual areas of africa.
THe Sturmmaschine 01R is ready for transport to namibia
Final layout for namibia, 3 units produce up to 300 Liter Water and
900 kW/H a day - Hope for the Desert.
Testing the fog-collector in the "ITV Denkendorf Research Center"

The Sturmaschine 01R from behind shows the windturbine

Friday, February 10, 2012

rs232 over rhino grasshoper processing

Nice Firefly is aplug in for rhino to controll stuff...nice
for continue the retina touch projekt !!!

seems interresting for design new interfaces for designers !!!

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