Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How Inventors Innovate - Onthogentic Research Process

The most common tool for to support our innovative thinking is the "Onthogenetic Research Process"
which was originally developt by psychologiest. We use this method to detect losted "roots" of techologies and human culture. This analysis gives usually a good overview how the original evolotion of an object has been gun. After a visiual gattering, its part of the project analyse the Innovationspace of the past ideas and use this to shape the futur innovations. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Color Calibration Retina Touch full succes

Well, in some old previews the colors was often not really 1:1 to the interface objects.
Now I make a fully calibration with the "color checker x-rite" chart to update
the color setup algorythms. I can say it was a quite succes, now the colors from
interface spot objects or the color checker card are 95% equal to
the macbook LCD. To have the last 5 % I think I have also to calibrate the
LCD display and do fine-tunning.

Soem color conversion


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Continental Programming

Sitting in airplane seats and coding and enjoy tee !. Quite nice enviroment everything with alu.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Interface working with Apples

Wow, worlds first interface that works with apples !. Almost exactly after one year after starting this projekt I can harvest now the fruits of work. Today first time everything works well, Sensors, Midi Seriel USB. Well today playing around to find new ideas of this innovative Interface for next generation DJ/VJ, Designers and Artist. Thank you, to my girlfriend support me, and many thanks to my family and the whole integral people. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Retina Touch Update

Well my Retina Touch Projekt turning into the most advanced stuff ever made.
The prototype quite work well together with Rhino/ Grasshoper. The circuit board
with the Microcontroller arrived. Next step is setup the MIDI conncetion and make the stuff running
for Ableton Live or the Tempest.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mantis Fog-Collector/ Windturbine Design update

I just recifed the latest dia photos... from this great project in the Namibian desert.

The Mantis with Fog-Collector Mesh with fixed fog-cathcer at the "Gobabeb Desert Research Station Testing Range". Behind the mesh the windturbine installed and got spinned by the wind trough the mesh.
The "head" can turn 180° which is enough infact the wind is comming almost the same direction 99% of the time, so the structue can be quite stronger then nowedays design

Side View: The mainframe is 18% twisted to be more stable.

Thanks to my African supporting team. Actually the project was embedded in a workshop for local
tribe called "Nara". I trained them in mechanics and basic electronics like recycling computers.

Just another picture 6.00 in the morning.

Amazing pictue from the ground.

Raphael in Daimler Video from the DMY playing with the robot

Have a look at the latest Daimler Concept car !.
at 0:48 I show up in the video with our fanzy robot.

Here is the Link check it out !!!! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151065575357642

Friday, June 15, 2012

Returning from the DMY Berlin

We had a nice time at the DMY Design Fair in Berlin
thank you to everybody who vist our both.

And we hope you enjoy to play with our interactive robot "wally"


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mantis, Fog-collector/ Wind-turbine

 The MANTIS, is a Fog-collector/ Wind-turbine that works in desert areas like Namibia, Australia
or the Acahama in Chile. The Mantis can produce up to 100 Liter of Water out of the foggy air during a night. The windturbine who is placed behind the fog collector mesh ( not shown on the foto)
collects the airflow trough the mesh and has a peak power of up to 500 Watt. My mantis has enough power and produces enough power for at least a family or 4 persons. The production price is arround
300-400 Euros so quite affordaple for people in rural desert areas to replace quite expensive fuel powered generators and expensive water supply from the goverment.

 After days working in heavy conditions during the early morning my vision of the future water /energy source for the people in namibia was ready and straight on operable.
The windturbine starts to run in a early morning brise.

 The "head unit" can use also for stand-alone operations on wind exposed places like on rocks or ruf-top of  houses. The photo show the unit without fog-collector mesh.
 After several night shifts and becoming mad about, wounded fingers and brocked tools

 detail wiew on the "waterbox" with the water tube and main connector for the upper part

 after unboxing, the several parts in the morning desert sun. Overall the whole construction weight only 25 Kilos, and ready for assembling

Assembling the "mantis" in desert conditions: 43° degrees and all the tools quite disfunctional
because everythink becomes broken in the sand. Shame on some of my tools... they just brocke
in the middl eof the desert... so I will never buy again something form the " Meister" tool
brand from Germany.
The power screw driver from metabo was quite really good for this rough time.

Thanks DHL to deliever my box quite in time, at this critical point and this box was over 6 months
work and over 1000 Euros private money to give the people in namibia a vision of producing
energy and water independently from "Osswater" and build up a new futher with their local resources.
 also thanks to Adrian from DHL to manage the delievering efficient.

Waiting for the DHL delievering my box from Germany to Walfishbay I used the time for sandbording in the dunes.

The area of the "Nara" our local partners in the desert

The view from the dunes to the Gobabeb Desert Research Station.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Think Tank - Future Mobility with Frauenhofer IAO

"Kraftwerk Autonahn": During our research of technology and ideas we create our vision of a
future transportation system for 2112, we are using the idea of printable
coils and printable solarcells to reinvent the streets.

 During the Think Tank we also develop
a bran new loading station for electric cars that will be patented with the Daimler AG.
More informations about the revolution of electric car charging you will see on the DMY
in Berlin from 6-10 June

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rhino CAD / Grasshoper Sketch for Retina Touch

Big steps in forwarding finish the project...

More Background Informations:


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Retina Touch First Prototype

More Informations http://www.karl-steinbuch-stipendium.de/kss_lang.html

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Synthesis of Sound

Interresting way to synthesis sounds




really nice inspiring movie !!!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Project OASIS / Fog Collector-Windturbine

Fog Collector/ Windturbine - Sturmmaschine 01R

The last 6 months I develop a new kind of Windturbine that produce energy and also harvest 10-100 liter water a night from the desert fog which is quiet dense in the namibia desert. The Windturbine is mounted behind the fog collector
mesch and produce 100-400 Watt a day. Overall this machine produce enough energy and water to support a family with 4 persons in the dessert comunity.
The collector is made of aluminum and standart parts so easy to transport & service. The coast for the material is arround 300 Euros not much for arround  900 kW/Year and arround 20.000 Liter Water a year. The folk of the Namib will be independend from using fuel for there powergenerators  buying batteries and from the goverment water supply which they have to pay for almost 1/4 of theire income. To produce this low-tech technology can be also a job generator to produce small system for other rual areas of africa.
THe Sturmmaschine 01R is ready for transport to namibia
Final layout for namibia, 3 units produce up to 300 Liter Water and
900 kW/H a day - Hope for the Desert.
Testing the fog-collector in the "ITV Denkendorf Research Center"

The Sturmaschine 01R from behind shows the windturbine

Friday, February 10, 2012

rs232 over rhino grasshoper processing

http://vimeo.com/17584952 http://vimeo.com/17584952

Nice Firefly is aplug in for rhino to controll stuff...nice
for continue the retina touch projekt !!!

seems interresting for design new interfaces for designers !!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aquarius -Elektronik Sound Lab , Rap-Heal & The Rooky

Some pictures from our legendary concert in the provisorium in Nürtingen provisorium
we celebrate with morre than 100 people avangarde elektronik musik and got flashed by DJ Vladi visuals "eLKE rADKE". Also on Stage the quite nice sounding "Libelle Team" involve use in electronic musik.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

RX 7 Next Generation Windgenerator & Fog Collector

Well, some short impressions from Building up the Prototyp.
of the RX-7, the next generation of Windgenerator suited
for desert areas like Namibia or Western Sahara.
The RX 7 is also attached with a new technology that allow him
to collect 5-55 liter water a night out of the foggy winds in the
nebula desert. The water will support local gardening and
support clean water for daily live. The idea is to create
small sized wind generators wiht a maximum weigh tof 35 Kilo
so they can be transported to rural or isolated areas much mor easily.
At theire mission place always 3-4 RX-7 work together to produce overall
800-1000 KW and 20 - 200 Liters Water a day.

CAD Rendering

construction plan

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