Sunday, September 18, 2011

Look inside the IDEA MACHIENE

90% of the of the time i work for fresh ideas and  technological solutions. Only 10% is the design part of my job. The new approach is always the biggest goal. For me "classical design" is not existing.

Research Topic "Geometric Games"

Mind Map / Collage done for the research process on the topic "geometric games"
size 1.8m x 0.4m

Innovation - Work Ultra Sonic Mirrior

The last month I and Alexander Weng, work quiet hard on the idea to
 remove dirt from a surface. After months of creating ideas and 
experimenting with different technologies and material we invent the ice of remove water and ice
from a mirror surface with ultra sonic actors. After we made the patent
we are in negotiations with automotive supplier for bring into production
this gadget.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


(klick photo to enlarge)

Video from Fujistu Design Award from Japan TV

Me Raphael Lang and Yulin Hou @ Fujistu Design Award in Tokio

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