Saturday, January 30, 2010

Car restoration '78 Mercedes Coupe 230c

Great!, I found some old pictures from old
times. 2004, I completely rebuild my '78 coupe
at home. It was strong work welding the sheets
and makea new varnish.
We completly unscrew the car in his parts.
During the paint works, I refit the
carburator, engine, electric and 1001 parts.
After one year working in our improvise garage
we did a great and proffesional Job.
2008 I changed the whole clutch system by my own.
I love my car !!!.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Operation Mexico Border

The third shooting in the desert

Wow !!! when the photos come out of the development lab, it impress on me...
the colors are fantastic.
The original picture without any editing with adobe or simular.
The contrast and the glow and warmness of the pictures are exactly out of the 60 th.
And also my girlfriend did a great job. It is a series with 20 photos.
If you are interrested in a exibition in a galery we can print 2m x 3m Meters.

Girl in Black, Act Shooting

My second series, I did in Siera de Tabernas

This photos become really creat. They are quit impressive.
I shotted with my canon cam and a Kodak Black/White 400 Film.
They are 20 great photos in my archive on that series.
If you interrested in exibition call me.

Dusk till Dawn

Some photos of a photo series I made in the Siera de Tabernas I made in iner Spain.
Shooted with analog gear.
Call me to make a exibition in a gallery.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rondevouz @ Kunsthalle Schirn PLAYING THE CITY 26.04.09


Was a Performance with my best artist friend Alwin Probst and filmed by Jan Panniger.
The action was made in the background of the "Playing the City" days in Frankfurt, hosted by the schirn gallery.
watch on Youtube :

Rondevouz @ Schirn PLAYING THE CITY 26.04.09

Friday, January 8, 2010

Salsa Summer 08

De Gusta Salsa !!!.Come on life.
Salsa is fire,life and la vida loca
3 Weeks Hardcore lessons gives my the ability to dance


Monolith its my quit impressiv art project I did in the winter 08/09.
I have made a secret meditation place in the forrest.

Make our own Ginger Beer

Homebrew Ginger Beer with 1.5 Kilo Sugar 300 gr Ginger Lavendura
and 5 Lemons on 5 liters of water

dont buy, brew it ...

But attention the Bottle becomes really high pressure.

Make a 10 Euro Survival Boat

That is a weekend projekt I did with my girlfriend in the mountains
in Spain. The boat is built by German "Army Vinyl Ponchos", wood sticks and gum.
I read allot about survival boats like that, but now we did by our own !!!
and it swims. It was possible carry two persons long distance on the lake.
Only the paddle should be improved next time. Overall my its not difficult make
a boat much more is to do functional paddle.

Next Generation Graffity

Make Street Art
That Time in Barcelona, I develop my new style of making Street Arts.
Its a kind of Vector Grafitty.
I expossed it in the Montana Gallery in Barcelona.

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